What can you bring to the prisoners when you visit?

  1. *One Coat (Non-uniform, No Blue or Camouflage, No leather, “Carhart”  “Dickies” or Bubble Coats, etc.)
  2. *One Suit Jacket (Non-Uniform, No Blue or Camouflage, No leather or “Carhart”).
  3. *One Pair of Gloves (For outdoor cold weather, October-April).  No work or leather gloves, knit type only.
  4. *One Hat/Cap (Non-uniform, no stocking type caps).
  5. *One Raincoat (Non-Uniform or reversible, no black, no camouflage and no hoods).
  6. ** One pair of Shoes or Sneakers, (No hollow chambers or platform soles, Converse All-Stars high tops, New Balance, Nike or Adidas sneakers or boots, to be used for on-trial court appearances or a significant family event. Shoes cannot have metal supports/shoe shanks).
  7. ** Two sets of shoelaces to be used for on-trial court appearance or a significant family event.
  8. Four sets of underclothing (In accordance with the inmate’s sex unless otherwise approved by medical).
  9. Four pairs of socks.
  10. Four pairs of Stockings, Panty hose, Knee-hi’s (Combination) – (female only).
  11. Two pairs of pajamas (men).
  12. Two nightgowns or two pairs of pajamas (female only).
  13. One bathrobe.
  14. One Housecoat (female only).
  15. *Two sweaters/sweatshirts (combination) (sweatshirts – no hoods or pockets).
  16. *Two pairs of Shorts or Cut-off Long Pants.
  17. *Four pairs of pants (Non-uniform, no dark blue or camouflage).
  18. *Four shirts/blouses (Non-uniform, no white, dark blue or camouflage).
  19. *Four dresses (female only).
  20. *Four skirts (female only).
  21. *One Belt (Maximum 1 ½” wide, buckle maximum 2 ¼” x 2″, Non-elastic).
  22. *One tie (No black) (male only) (Not allowed for inmates housed in mental health observation).
  23. Two handkerchiefs (white only).
  24. Two scrunchies (ponytail holder).


Click HERE to read more about the list of permitted items.

  • Toiletries and food items are prohibited. They must be purchased by the prisoner in the commissary.
  • Permissible colors for clothing: Brown, Grey or White. Shoes: Black, White or Grey or any combination of the three.
  • No restrictions on books and printed matters.
  • All packages should be within 24”x 24”x 12”.


All of the info above is for facilities within New York City.