Support Steph Dorceant, Queer Black Woman Beat by Cops This Summer

This summer, Stephanie Dorceant and her girlfriend were returning home from a concert, when out of nowhere a large white man started calling her a dyke and attacking her.  Soon after a car with two police arrived, and instead of helping her, shoved her to the ground and began assaulting her further.  The plain clothes officer never showed his badge.  Stephanie was booked and taken to Rikers, after suffering injuries and more, and now the cops are charging HER with assault.  Come to her court date at 120 Schermerhorn in Brooklyn at 9AM on November 20th (this friday) and sign this petition .

You can read more below.

On July 11th, 2015, Stephanie Dorceant and her girlfriend were heading home when a white off-duty police officer in plain clothes, who was later identified as Officer Salvatore Aquino, attacked Stephanie after calling her a “dyke”. Mr. Aquino did not show signs that he was a police officer or identify himself as such until after the assault. Stephanie and her girlfriend were then forcefully placed in handcuffs and thrown into holding cells at the 63rd Precinct in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, NY. Although Miss Dorceant suffered from visible and severe injuries from the attack, she was still charged that night with assault against an officer, when she was acting in self-defense. Her girlfriend, Nandi Allman, was released from the precinct minutes after arriving because there was no justification for her arrest.

The couple was never read their rights or asked to make a statement about what happened that night. Instead, a bail was set and Stephanie was sent to Rikers Island jail. Stephanie is now facing several felony and misdemeanor charges and is set to testify at a Grand Jury trial on Friday, November 20th, 2015 at the Brooklyn Criminal Courthouse.

This is completely unjust to criminalize this woman after she endured such a traumatic experience with this officer. Salvatore Aquino has a record of using excessive force and conducting false arrests in his past, such as a case in 2011 involving a young black man named Jamel Marsalis. He is clearly not fit to be a New York Police Officer or a law enforcement officer anywhere and should be immediately fired from his position and charged as a criminal.

With this petition, we demand the following:

  1. We demand that Brooklyn District Attorney, Kenneth Thompson drop all the charges against Stephanie Dorceant. This is a hate crime and a complete violation of human rights. Stephanie does not have any criminal record and should not be treated as one.
  2. We demand that Officer Salvatore Aquino be immediately terminated as an NYPD officer and be tried as a criminal for assaulting and harassing a female civilian while off-duty.
  3. We demand that a full and thorough investigation at the 63rd precinct be conducted immediately, especially in regards to the use of excessive force by the arresting officers in this case and in others. All officers involved in this case should undergo New York’s new law effective January 1, 2016 that was announced by Commissioner William J. Bratton in regards to excessive use of force. This case stands as a perfect candidate for this kind of investigation and we demand that it be conducted if possible as soon as the law is in effect.
  4. We demand that the 63rd Precinct begin investigating all of it’s officers that have a number of civilian complaints against them. We also ask that the 63rd precinct issue out a public apology to Stephanie Dorceant and her girlfriend, Nandi Allman
  5. We demand that all CCTV street cameras are inspected to ensure that they are in proper working order and fully functioning so that crimes like these are captured as they should have been the night of Stephanie Dorceant’s attack. All footage that may still exist from the night of July 11th, 2015 should also be reviewed as a part of the investigation surrounding this hate crime.

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